1) Face-to-face Tutoring


Face-to-face tutoring is held in the CIRCLE facility (downtown Atlanta, Langdale Hall building, Room 128)

See the current tutoring schedule HERE















2) Link to the CIRCLE Online Tutoring Portal

To accommodate the language study needs of currently registered Georgia State University students, the CIRCLE at Georgia State University offers online tutoring by appointment during the evenings and weekends.

Tutoring schedules change each semester according to the availability of tutors.   The current tutoring schedule is listed HERE and updated each semester.

For information on how to register for online tutoring, how to schedule appointments, and how to enter an online tutoring appointment, please watch these brief videos.

How to register for online tutoring

How to schedule an appointment with an online tutor

How to enter your online appointment session and an overview of the tutoring screen

Do you need more help?  Follow the septs below.

By Xian Li, Ph.D. Candidate / Department of Applied Linguistics & ESL / Georgia State University 


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