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Paula Garrett-Rucks

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Foreign Language Education


Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucks (Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition with concentration in French) is an active researcher in the teaching and learning of second languages (L2). Specifically, her research focus is on fostering intercultural competence in instructed language learning, L2 hypermedia text use, and dual language immersion. Recent and forthcoming publications center on the formation of L2 learners’ cultural perceptions and stereotypes, the role of affect in second language learning,  learning gains with L2 hypermedia text use and L2 language use and identity issues in dual language immersion. In addition to her recent book, Intercultural Competence in Instructed Language Learning:  Bridging Theory and Practice (2016), her work appears in leading journals in the field including the Modern Language Journal (MLJ), Foreign Language Annals (FLA), French Review, International Journal of Intercultural Relations (IJIR) and Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Journal (CALICO).  She has also created numerous annotated hypermedia texts for her instruction and research (URLs to the texts can be found under the Digital Media portion of her CV in the link below).

Dr. Garrett-Rucks serves as the editor for the Southern Conference on Language Teaching’s journal, Dimension. She and U.S. intercultural specialist, Dr. Alvino Fantini, are currently co-editing the 2016 Dimension Special Issue on Intercultural Communicative Competence. She also founded and edits the quarterly newsletter for the Teaching and Learning of Cultures Significant Interest Group within the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) where she is the current Chair (2016-2018) and former secretary (2013-2015). She is also an invited member of the ACTFL Interculturality Task Force.

Dr. Garrett-Rucks teaches multiple courses at GSU on Foreign Language Methods, Second Language Acquisition Learning and Theory, and French. Her specialty in the GSU FLED program is in early language learning teaching methods (Pre-K to Grade 8). She enjoys training and collaborating with Graduate Teaching Assistants in her Department of World Languages and Cultures and mentoring and serving on dissertation committees with students from the Department of Applied Linguistics and the College of Education, where she serves as a member of the Professional Education Faculty. In her free time, she enjoys bird-watching, nature conservancy efforts and collecting music instruments from her international travels.

If you have questions about Dr. Garrett-Rucks research, please feel free to contact her.

Paula Garrett-Rucks CV



Garrett-Rucks, P. (2016). Intercultural Competence in Instructed Language Learning:  Bridging Theory and Practice. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Selected Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Garrett-Rucks, P.  (2015). Evidence-based principles for the design of computer-mediated cultural instruction. In P. Swanson & S. Li (Eds) Engaging Language Learners through Technology Integration: Theory, Applications, and Outcomes. IGI Global. Pp 98-115.

Hoyt, K. & Garrett-Rucks, P. (2014). Problematizing Pre-Service Foreign Language Teachers’ Interpretations of the Cultures Standards. In B. Dupuy & L. Waugh (Eds) Proceedings of the Fourth Intercultural Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence. 94-115.