A minor in a language is an excellent complement to a number of majors.  Students pursuing careers in law, business administration, criminal justice and health sciences, among others fields, should consider a minor in language as a way to increase their marketable skills.


General Requirements

  • A cumulative GSU grade-point average of 2.0.
  • At least 9 of the 15 credit hours required for the minor must be taken at the 3000-4000 level; a maximum of 6 credit hours may be taken at the 2000-level.
  • No credit already used for the minor can be used to fulfill any other Area requirements.
  • A grade of “C” or better is required in all minor courses.


Students who wish to minor in French, German, Japanese, or Spanish must take 15-18 hours in courses in the language, including at least 9 semester hours at the 3000 level or above.  Students taking more than 15 hours of courses in the language may count the additional hours toward their electives or may consider completing a double major.  A minimum grade of C or higher is required in all courses counting toward the minor. 
An interdisciplinary minor is available to provide educational opportunities not present otherwise and to allow students the flexibility to select courses for the minor from several departments and even from several colleges at the university. The undergraduate minor in Latin American Studies is intended for students who wish to gain a familiarity with Latin American history and culture in order to enrich a major in one of the academic departments of Georgia State University. Students who complete the minor will be well-prepared either to work or study in Latin America or to pursue advanced studies about the region.

The list of courses below are eligible to fulfill the specific requirements of the interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies:

AH 4630  Pre-Columbian Art
AH 4660 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art in Latin America
AH 4665 Latin American Avant-Gardes of the 1920s
AH 4669  Art in Latin America I: 1900-1950
AH 4670 Art in Latin America II: 1950-2000
AH 4900 Special Studies Seminar (when the course deals with Latin America)
AH 4980 Special Problems in Art History (when the course deals with Latin America)
GEOG 4406 Advanced Regional Geography (when topic is Latin American)
POLS 4250 Latin American Politics
SPAN 3310 Hispanic Culture and Civilization (in Spanish)
SPAN 3314 Survey of Hispanic Literature (in Spanish)
SPAN 4456 Latin American Short Story (in Spanish)
SPAN 4470 Special Topics in Latin American Literature (in Spanish, may be repeated)
Approved courses taken as part of the GSU Spanish Studies Program in Costa Rica/Panama
Approved courses taken as part of the GSU Anthropology Program in Oaxaca (Mexico)

Each student will select a Latin American Studies minor adviser and work out with that adviser an appropriate selection for courses. Courses not listed on the above list must be approved for minor credit by the student’s minor advisor prior to enrollment. 

Minor in Middle East Studies

Select 15 semester hours from the following courses or other appropriate courses selected in consultation with your MEI adviser:

AH 4900 Special Studies Seminar (3) (when appropriate) recent topics have included: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Iconography and Symbolism in Ancient Funerary Art, Art of Persia and Mughal India, Islamic Art 1, Islamic Art 2, Ancient Egyptian Portraiture, and Orientalism
ARBC 3001 Advanced Arabic I (4)
ARBC 3002 Advanced Arabic II (4)
ARBC 4501 Classical Arabic Lit & Culture (3)
ARBC 4502 Modern Arabic Literature in Translation (3)
ARBC 4503 The Qu’ran as Literature (3)
ENGL 4000 Jewish Literature (3)
HIST 4640/SOCI 3228 The Holocaust (3)
MES 3110/HIST 3500 The Ancient Mediterranean (4)
MES 3400/RELS 3400 Introduction to Judaism (3)
MES 3500/RELS 3500 Introduction to Islam (3)
MES 3520/RELS 3520 Sufism and Islamic Mysticism (3)
MES 3710/JST 3000 Introduction to Jewish Studies (3)
MES 4110/HIST 3780 The Middle East, 600 to 1800 (4)
MES 4120/HIST 3790 The Middle East since 1800 (4)
MES 4130/HIST 4525 Worlds of Eastern Christianity (to 1300) (4)
MES 4140/HIST 4510 Origins and Collapse of Ancient Near Eastern Societies (4)
MES 4150/HIST 4520 Ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome (4)
MES 4210/POLS 4260 Politics of the Middle East and North Africa (3)
MES 4220/POLS 4285 Politics and Religion in Comparative Perspective (3)
MES 4230/POLS 4952 Model Arab League (3)
MES 4258/POLS 4258 Government and Politics of South Asia (3)
MES 4310/GEOG 4408 Geography of the Middle East and North Africa (4)
MES 4420/RELS 4450 Modern Judaism (3)
MES 4430/RELS 4480 Islamic Fundamentalism in the Modern World (3)
MES 4440/RELS 4570 Special Topics in Islam (3)
MES 4450/RELS 4580 Life of Muhammad (3)
MES 4510/AH 4010 Art of Ancient Egypt and Nubia (3)
MES 4511/AH 4011 Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt I: 4000-1600 BC (3)
MES 4512/AH 4012 Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt II: 1600 BC-31 BC (3)
MES 4520/AH 4020 Art and Architecture of the Ancient Near East (3)
MES 4530 Islamic Philosophy (3)
MES 4590 Special Studies Seminar (1-6)
WGSS 4910 Special Topics (3) (when appropriate, i.e. Arab and Islamic Feminisms)