FAQs – Foreign Language Education

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission.
No. It is possible to transfer some of the target language credits from your previous university. However, if it has been awhile since taking classes in the target language or if you fail the department proficiency exam, you will be required to take target language courses. Also, if you have not met the specific course requirements as prescribed by the PSC, you will have to take those courses as well.
It depends on how many classes you take each semester and if you have any transfer credits from your previous university. If you take 2 classes per semester then it will take approximately 1.5 years.
As soon as you are ready to take the Education & Foreign Language Education courses. To apply email a copy of the following to Deb Loden


    • Application Form
    • Tort Liability Insurance (proof of membership)
    • GACE - Program Admission Assessments or SAT, ACT, or GRE scores
    • Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment Entry only

    • February 1st for the Fall semester
    • September 1st for the Spring semester

No, you must make a minimum grade of a B for the FORL and target language classes. For the EDUC & EXC the minimum requirement is a grade of a C.