Teacher Certification

Georgia State University (GSU) offers teacher certification in French, German, Classics (Latin), and Spanish. Our remarkable program features coursework unique to other certification programs in the state. Because teacher certification in Georgia is P-12, GSU offers two methods courses that focus on elementary and middle school methods as well as a 9-12 methods course for teaching languages in high school. Dr. Peter Swanson, a well-recognized Spanish teacher and researcher, directs the secondary methods course. Dr. Paula Garrett-Rucksdirects the P-8 methods course as well. Both share working with students in the introduction Foundations of Second Language Learning course. GSU also offers a specialized Technology in Foreign Language Education course that prepares teachers to use technologies for different aspects of language instruction. Our field placements are directed by Dr. Elizabeth Goulette, our newest member of the Foreign Language Teacher Education program. She is a former Spanish teacher who received her doctorate recently from the University of New York – Buffalo.

GSU offers traditional bachelor’s degrees in French, German, and Spanish with concentrations in Teacher Education. Additionally, GSU offers master of arts programs in French, and Spanish. Graduate students interested in becoming teachers can take additional coursework to become certified to teach languages in Georgia.

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