World Languages and Cultures, B.A.

Undergraduate Director

The B.A. in World Languages and Cultures offers students a program of study that focuses on career readiness through an innovative curriculum and experiential learning opportunities. Our curriculum emphasizes intercultural competency that is required across all professions in the 21st century.

With courses for developing world language proficiency, multicultural literacies, and college to career connection, the goal of the program is to cultivate the next generation of a workforce that can compete globally. Graduates will be able to pursue varied career pathways in business, government, non-profit organizations, and other enterprises with an international scope.

The program offers concentrations in:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Two Languages




High School Seniors and Recent Graduates
If you’re a senior in high school or if you graduated from high school within the last two years, you’ll apply to begin your bachelor’s degree program using Georgia State’s Common Application.

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International students
International applicants are those students who are in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa (B-1, H-1, J-1, etc.), students who are living outside the U.S. and who will require an F-1 visa to study in the United States, students who are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency status but have not yet received the Permanent Residency card or students who have been educated outside the U.S.

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Transfer students
If you’re already in college but need a change, transferring to Georgia State can provide you with the opportunities you need to succeed — in school and after graduation.

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In addition to the Program Degree Requirements, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements and the University Degree Requirements.


The major area courses (Area G) are 30 hours in total, including 6 hours of required courses and 24 hours of courses based on the student’s concentration. The concentration options include: Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and two languages (i.e., choose two from the list: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish).

Required courses regardless of concentration (6 hours)

  • WLC 3001 Learning about World Language Learning (3 hours)
  • WLC 3002 Decentering Identities and Borders (CTW) (3 hours)

Courses in the concentration (24 hours). Select one of the following options (see catalog for courses).

  • Concentration on Chinese Language and Society
  • Concentration on French and Francophone Studies (3 pathways)
    • Language, Culture, and Society Pathway
    • Language and International Business Pathway
    • Human Rights and Social Justice Pathway
  • Concentration on Japanese Language and Society
  • Concentration on Korean Language and Society
  • Concentration on Spanish Language and Culture
    • Language Culture, and Society Pathway
    • Language and International Business Pathway
  • Two languages: i.e., select two from the following:


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Goals & Outcomes

Students will develop career-readiness through an innovative curriculum that develops world language skills, intercultural competency, and global awareness by leveraging the unique international resources at Georgia State as well as the cultural and historical legacies afforded by the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia. Our goal is to cultivate the next generation of a workforce that can respond to evolving industry demands and is able to compete globally.