Intermediate Advanced Spanish Exam (IASE)

The IASE is designed to place students with advanced skills in Spanish, i.e. scoring 500 points or higher on the Emmersion Exam, in Higher Division (3000/4000-level) courses. Students for whom the IASE is recommended or required must be added to the IASE site in iCollege by one of the exam administrators. This test is free of charge and is administered through iCollege.

Take 2203 and/or 3301
 50.0-64.9% Take 3302 and/or 3301 (and/or 3303). 3303 may need further experience in a Spanish course. 3303 is not recommended as the first Spanish class at school ever.
65.0-79.9% Take 3000/4000-level SPAN courses. 3303 highly recommended.
80.0%+  Take 3000/4000-level SPAN courses.3303 highly recommended. 3000-level (generic) elective credit may be requested toward completion of a Spanish major or minor.