Intermediate Advanced Spanish Exam (IASE)

The IASE is designed to place students who score 500 points or higher on the Emmersion Exam exam into Higher Division (3000/4000-level) courses. These courses are required for Spanish majors and minors.

Take 2203 and/or 3301
 50.0-64.9% Take 3302 and/or 3301 (and/or 3303). 3303 may need further experience in a Spanish course. 3303 is not recommended as the first Spanish class at school ever.
65.0-79.9% Take 3000/4000-level SPAN courses. 3303 highly recommended.
80.0%+  Take 3000/4000-level SPAN courses.3303 highly recommended. 3000-level (generic) elective credit may be requested toward completion of a Spanish major or minor.