General Course Information

  • For a list of languages taught by World Languages and Cultures, please visit the About page.
  • Please note that due to necessary minimum enrollment policies it is possible that not all classes of any given sequence can be offered in direct succession; this is particularly true among less commonly taught languages such as Chinese, Latin, and Korean.
  • ANY language taught by World Languages and Cultures will fulfill a department foreign language requirement, as long as it is taken at the necessary level.
  • As of Fall 2010, the Department of World Languages & Cultures no longer grants credit by examination for intermediate competence (2001/2002) in languages that are not covered by the CLEP exam. All undergraduate students seeking to fulfill their foreign language requirements must choose from one of the options below.
  • As the title indicates, SPAN 1101 is a highly intensive and challenging language course primarily designed for students who may be working toward a minor or major in one of the languages taught by World Languages and Cultures and/or those with prior experience in foreign language learning.
  • No student, no matter what age, is exempt from a foreign language requirement unless a specific and definitive learning disability can be established by the Access & Accommodations Center. World Languages and Cultures cannot exempt any student from their language requirement, as these requirements are established by the University and/or the College of Arts & Sciences.