Student Services

CIRCLE facilities are available for use by the all students enrolled in a class offered by the Department of World Languages & Cultures and in selected classes of the Department of Applied Linguistics (IEP).  All Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff interested in world-language learning are also welcome to use the CIRCLE with approval by the CIRCLE coordinator.


Available CIRCLE Services

  • Walk-in academic support resource center for listening, recording, and other language activities
  • Walk-tutoring in multiple languages (see schedule for hours at the link above, subject to change each semester)
  • Access to Rosetta Stone and Mango language software
  • Technology and A/V equipment for student projects available for check out
  • International videos and DVDs available for viewing in the CIRCLE
  • Current textbooks, workbooks and other materials available for use in the CIRCLE
  • Reference works, such as dictionaries, grammar references, extra practice materials
  • Workshops for language students
  • Cultural activities and special events

We encourage all language students to consider the CIRCLE to be your language learning space and enjoy hosting study groups, language clubs, and special interest groups in the CIRCLE.  The staff of the CIRCLE are all language students, or have recently been language students, and are happy to assist you in getting the most out of your language-learning experience.

For more information, be sure to check out the CIRCLE hours, tutoring schedule, and policies.