Center for International Resources & Collaborative Language Engagement (CIRCLE)

What’s the CIRCLE about?

  • The CIRCLE is about …providing a multitude of resources (including tutoring) to help you succeed as a language student.
  • The CIRCLE is about …connecting with other language learners to form a community of learning and support.
  • The CIRCLE is about …intercultural communication, providing a view of the globe through a window at GSU.
  • The CIRCLE is ALL about language learning and the students who are motivated to learn international languages.

The Center for International Resources & Collaborative Language Engagement (CIRCLE) at Georgia State University has been the language student support center for more than 20 years.  Our entire mission is to provide a broad range of resources and support services to assist students in their language goals, whether they are formal studies or personal enrichment.

  • Walk-in tutoring in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,  and Arabic.
  • Online tutoring by appointment during the evenings and weekends in Spanish and French.
  • An extensive International movie collection
  • Access to specialized language-learning auxiliary software, including

Rosetta Stone available in more than 25 languages and Mango Languages which features over 70 foreign language, 18 ESL, and over 30 specialty courses.

  • Audio recording and editing software for practicing and recording your language proficiency

Need assistance with American Sign Language:  Resources available in the CIRCLE include

  • American Sign Language Visual Resources (ASLVR) Lab is located in Room 368 of the College of Education. Contact Judith Emerson for more information.