About the Program

The Department of World Languages & Cultures serves a threefold purpose: to encourage an appreciation of humanistic values through the study of foreign literatures and cultures, to teach foreign languages as a means of communication, and to prepare students for academic careers and opportunities available in the field of international business.
As part of a dynamic urban university in a city of growing international awareness and status, the department is fulfilling its responsibility to meet the increasing foreign language needs of the governmental, business, and professional communities.The Department of World Languages & Cultures recognizes that an active command of the language and a thorough exploration of the culture form an essential basis for further study in its curriculum. To this end, the department maintains a state-of-the-art multimedia Language Acquisition and Resource Center (LARC) and sponsors several study-abroad programs.The department is also a testing center for diplomas certifying proficiency in business language and procedures. These diplomas are granted by chambers of commerce in various countries.  For more information contact the Graduate Studies Director, Dr. Peter Swanson.