Graduate World Language Reading Examination

World Languages Offered

  • French, German, & Spanish – offered year-round

Exam Dates & Times

The Graduate World Language Reading Examination is now offered online via iCollege.  The exam can be taken at any day & time by the student once they have registered for the exam. 


  • Once the registration form is submitted, administrators will set up the exam for the graduate student in iCollege within three business days.
  • You will translate a reading passage from the target language into English via iCOLLEGE.  You are allowed to use one dictionary.
  • This exam will be monitored with Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor software, which requires the use of a webcam.  Before you start the test, your computer settings will be evaluated to make sure they are optimized for the test. Once you begin the exam, the browser will lockdown and the camera will begin monitoring.
  • You may use a laptop or desktop computer, but you must be sure to have a webcam. You may also use an iPad. Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitoring are NOT compatible with a Google Chromebook.
  • You will be provided with the exam via iCOLLEGE and there will be a space where you can type your translation.
  • You will have 2 hours to complete the translation.
  • The grade assigned will be either Pass or Fail.
  • The examinations are graded on the basis of accuracy of translation.  While the style is important, we will focus on your understanding of the original text and its meaning.
  • The examination will be graded by faculty members in the Department of World Languages & Cultures within approximately 15 business days of the test date.
  • Should a student fail the exam, they are allowed up to 2 more attempts total to pass the exam.  If the student is not successful, the department recommends that they take either the French, German, or Spanish for Reading Class.