Graduate World Language Reading Examination

World Languages Offered

  • French, German, & Spanish – offered Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters

Exam Dates & Times

25 Park Place room 1900 ~ Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm during the following days during each semester:

  • Second week of the Fall semester through November 15th
  • Second week of the Spring semester through April 15th
  • Second week of the Summer semester through July 15th


  • Examinee will have to register for the exam on the WLC website, ahead of time and must reserve a seat for a specific day and time by emailing Deb Loden Administrators must be given 24 hours’ notice.  The exam can only be taken during the above dates & times.  The registration link is below.
  • Examinee will translate a reading passage from the target language into English on a word processor that will not have internet access or auto correct. Examinee will have to place all of their belongings including their phone in the administrator’s office.
  • Examinee will be provided with a paper copy of the Graduate World Language Reading Exam in the target language. The examinee may write on it if needed.  The exam will be returned to the administrator once the exam is completed.
  • Examinee may use a pen/pencil and a dictionary. The finished translation of the reading passage will be typed.  The examinee will have 2 hours to complete the translation from the target language to English.
  • The grade assigned will be either Pass or Fail. If a grade of fail is given and the student wants review the exam, please have the examinee contact Deb Loden
  • The examinations are graded on the basis of accuracy of translation. The student must demonstrate a clear understanding of the text in his/her translation.
  • The examination will be graded by faculty members in the Department of World Languages & Cultures within approximately 10 to 15 business days of the test date.
  • Should a student fail the exam, they are allowed up to 2 more attempts total to pass the exam.  If the student is not successful, the department recommends that they take either the French, German, or Spanish for Reading Class.

Register for the Exam

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Samples of past exams

French – German – Spanish