World Languages & Cultures Mission Statement

The Department of World Languages & Cultures upholds its mission in collaboration with the goals of Georgia State University’s Strategic Plan.  Through an emphasis on language, literature, and culture, World Languages & Cultures fosters communicative abilities, intercultural competence and global awareness among students at Georgia State University. The interdisciplinary focus of the faculty of World Languages & Cultures enhances both undergraduate and graduate education at Georgia State University by encouraging alternate cultural perspectives that complement such areas of study as Economics and Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Natural and Computational Sciences, Public Health, Law, Education, and the Humanities. World Languages & Cultures sees itself as the gateway for students to internationalize their degree in a way that will not only help them better understand a globalized society but will also make them more competitive for career opportunities as they enter a global economy. World Languages & Cultures seeks to capitalize on the strategic location of the university at the heart of Atlanta, a global center of international commerce and culture, to offer students at Georgia State University real world opportunities to combine and apply language abilities, cultural knowledge, and career skills.