CIRCLE Language Software

The Center for International Resources and Collaborative Language Engagement (CIRCLE) at Georgia State University supports 24/7 access to language learning for all currently-registered Georgia State students, regardless of major or area of study.  Whether you desire to learn a language for academic credit,  professional advancement, or personal enrichment, the CIRCLE offers access to these additional online language resources.

Mango Languages is an online tool that uses real-life situations, conversational immersion, along with authentic content (thru full-featured films) to teach a new language through an easy, interactive, and self-paced online system. Available on any mobile device, Mango Languages features over 70 foreign languages, 18 ESL, and over 30 specialty courses taught by native speakers.

Available to all GSU students, faculty, and staff. Simply click on this link to Mango and create a new profile using your Panther ID # (not your library number).  Voilà. C’est facile!


Rosetta Stone offers fully online language software in more than 25 languages, including English.

To request a one-semester license for Rosetta Stone, please submit the form at

These licenses are provided through the use of student fees and, therefore, currently, enrolled students are prioritized in the event that available licenses begin to run out.  For any additional information about language resources offered through the CIRCLE, please email us at