The American Red Cross – Volunteer Opportunities

Blood drive volunteers greet the blood donors, check them in, facilitate required reading, serve refreshments and monitor donors for adverse reactions. Our translator volunteers will work these functions by translating to the donor the steps they need to go through.  The other component is translating the donor information- as there are a series of questions donors are required to answer as part of our pre-screening process. Translator volunteers will also provide additional translating services when the donor is on the bed having their blood drawn. Translators will translate English-to-Spanish to the donor. When the donor responds, translating Spanish-to-English to the Collections Tech.

How To become a volunteer:

-Informational face-to-face interview

-Complete volunteer application

-Attend volunteer orientation training – 1.5 hour session

-Complete our background check – Red Cross pays the processing fee

-Take/pass translation exam – Red Cross pays the exam fee


-Student to commit to a semester and/or for the school year

-Blood drives are 5 hours, and the volunteer commitment would be 6-7 hours

-Semester commitment: 3-4 blood drives (Fall Semester may differ from Spring Semester)


If you have questions please contact Catherine Andrews [email protected]