Registration Issues

Are you a GSU student at the Downtown campus having difficulty registering for your World Language class(es)?
Issues include:
  • If you took the WebCAPE:  Be sure to give the WLC Administration at least one to two business days to clear you. Also, you can only register for the class you placed into.
  • If you took and passed the CLEP or AP exam:  If the results are not showing up on your Academic Evaluation, then email a copy of scores Vicky Hanning at
  • If you are a transient student:  Email a copy of the other university’s transcript to Vicky Hanning showing that student is currently registered for or has completed the prerequisite with a minimum grade of a C.
  • If you are a Study Abroad student or your instructor has approved you to take their class, please note that they will have to contact the WLC Administration in the department before you will be able to register for your classes.  Please give the Administration at least one to two business days to clear you.

2.  Closed Class Form

If you are trying to register for a WLC class that is currently at full capacity (closed), please fill out the below form.  Please note that this is not a wait list.  We will be using this information as guide to let us know if we need to open up more sections.  Also, due to our classes being placed by the Registrar’s Office into classrooms that only hold 30 students, we do NOT grant Overflows into closed classes.

3.  Registration Assistance for other departments in the College of Arts & Sciences