Language Acquisition and Resource Center (LARC)

What’s the LARC about?

  • The LARC is about …providing a multitude of tools to help you succeed as a language student.
  • The LARC is about …connecting with other language learners to form a community of learning and support.
  • The LARC is about …intercultural communication, providing a view of the globe through a window at GSU.
  • The LARC is ALL about language learning and the students who are motivated to learn international languages.

The Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) at Georgia State University has been specifically designed to provide a broad range of resources and support services to assist students in their language studies.

The computer resources of the LARC include 52 student workstations with language-learning software installations and audio/voice recording capabilties.  Each workstation includes international keyboard sets for multi-lingual compositions, multi-media viewing and production software, and networked access to the LARC media server, where audio and video resources can be found to accompany language study programs in more than 15 languages.

In addition, the new International Media Room includes an extensive collection of international DVD’s and videos, as well as international satellite broadcast television.

When you visit the LARC, you gain access to many valuable language-learning resources, such as:

  • Walk-in tutoring in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese,  Italian, and  Arabic.
  • An extensive International movie collection
  • Rosetta Stone software in more than 15 languages and other commercial software language packages
  • International Satellite TV broadcasts
  • Audio recording and editing software for practicing and recording your language proficiency
  • Hundreds of print resources to help you study
  • Helpful LARC staff, most of whom are experienced language students
  • Try Mango Languages:   An online tool that uses real-life situations, conversational immersion, along with authentic content (thru full-featured films), to teach a new language through an easy, interactive, and self-paced online system. Available on any mobile device, Mango Languages features over 70 foreign language, 18 ESL, and over 30 specialty courses taught by native speakers. Available to all GSU students, faculty, and staff. Simply create a new profile using your Panther ID and voilà. C’est facile!

Need assistance with American Sign Language:

  • American Sign Language Visual Resources (ASLVR) Lab is located in Room 368 of the College of Education. Contact Judith Emerson for more information.